New device


Xiaomi Mi6

We have moved ahead in time and acquired a new device under TS development. However, we have not completely forgotten the little brother Mi4c. We are still trying to provide updates for AOSPA 7 (Mi4c) for a little time. Lineage 14.1 for Mi4c by us is ended.

Okay, but back to the news…

We have started to port AOSPA 7 for Mi6 based on thune-xiaobai device & kernel sources. And the rom is published now.

So do not hesitate to buy Xiaomi Mi6, although it is a bit expensive. However, Mi6 is a valuable device for your money. There is enough power, and the battery life is surprisingly good, great cameras etc… And if our roms are not right for you, then I think you will surely find the rom for yourself that will serve exactly to your needs. In xda, there are bunch of roms for Xiaomi Mi6.

See the device specs here.




  • First release


NOTE: Remember install gapps in same time with the rom (if you need/like)

NOTE2: Remember factory reset and format system partition when coming from any other ROM than previous version of TS AOSPA 7