Unbrick Lenovo k910

OMG! Did my Lenovo died?!?!


This is the question which will be the first in mind when a flash or unlocking the bootloader goes wrong. The phone will no longer start. You can only see the Lenovo logo or nothing happens when trying to start.
e.g. “The pc recognizes the phone as QHSUSB BULK, Qualcomm HS-USB QDloader 9008 or 9006 … or worst, the pc does not recognize it at all!”

Do not worry…

Lenovo k910 has been proved to be unbrickable. So if you got the above-mentioned premises or entirely stone, you do not have to worry anymore. This guide will help you get the phone back alive. It’s easy and quick. So let´s cut the crap and get started!

This guide is based on our own experience and the internet research. Done with win7 x64.


0. Make sure that driver signature enforcement is disable. Guide to disable


1. Download needed files. ts_k910_unbrick.zip and K910_1_S_3_2144.1_0040_140219_qpst.7z (source).


2. Unzip the zips. Create a new folder and extract “K910_1_S_3_2144.1_0040_140219_qpst.7z” to the folder. Install QPST 2.7.422 and lenovo drivers.exe.


3. Open device manager from pc.


4. Open the back cover of the phone, and remove cover sticker from top of the battery and motherboard. Disconnect battery connector and remove processor shield. Use e.g. guitar pick or small screwdriver.



5. Ground pin(1) to the second shield(2). Use e.g. paper clip/iron wire. (See picture). Hold pin grounded and at the same time connect usb to the pc. When the pc recognizes (look device manager) the phone, then disconnect the grounding.



6. Important! Install drivers for QHSUSB.
The pc recognizes the phone as “QHSUSB__BULK or Qualcomm HS-USB QDloader 9008”, if it is recognized as something else, uninstall that driver first. 


  • 1. Right mouse click to “QHSUSB BULK” and update the driver
  • 2. Select “Browse my computer” to locate and install drivers manually
  • 3. Select the folder where you just uncompressed the drivers
  • 4. “Install this driver software anyway”
  • 5-6. If you see this, everything went okay


7. Open QFIL and add the files as the picture.


  • 1. Verify port is detected
  • 2. Add prog_emmc_firehose_8974.mbn
  • 3. Load .xml files (rawprogram0.xml & patch0.xml)
  • 4. Click “Download”

Process takes about ten minutes, please wait.


8. When you see “Waiting for reset done”, unplug the usb cable and reconnect the battery. Hold long power to boot up. First boot takes a while.



Continue to Lenovo Vibe Z K910 Unlock and install CM tool.

That´s it! Easy huh!!!


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