Paranoid Android 2017 for Xiaomi Mi4c

As well the people who follow us in our google+ have noticed that we are preparing AOSPA7 rom for Mi4c. It is not ready yet, but now it looks really good at the moment.

I’m sorry that I’m teasing you with these g+ post and I know that you would like to have it in to your own Mi4c now. But unfortunately you have to wait until the AOSPA team releases all the rest of the codes to github so that I can add those new features in to build.

I saw yesterday that there is other unofficial DEV build for Mi4c in 4PDA. Go ahead and grab it if you want to see it earlier, but as you know, TS is TS 😉 So it’s your choice. Also I think it’s more exciting get it when everything is ready.

Now I have a good time to investigate all the possible bugs and fix those, if those can be found. And ofcouse I try optimize the rom good as possible.

But here are some listings that Xiaomi Mi4c AOSPA7 will have

  • Passes safetynet check
  • Snapdragon optimized browser builtin
  • Easy root, install/uninstall (Supersu)
  • Buttery smooth and stable
  • TS Power tweaks
  • Optional GPU Vulkan support

AOSPA7 is OMS-rom (Overlay Manager Service), so you don’t have to root any more for Substratum. I highly recommend AOSPA7 to you who likes playing with UI customizing!

I would also recommend to get know better applications like KLWP, KWGT. With those tools, you can make your desktop really cool and unique.

Promised Paranoid features

  • Pocket Lock
  • Accidental Touch
  • Improvements to Color Engine
  • Pie Control (with immersive mode)
  • Paranoid Shuttle+ music player 
    This brings benefits like:

    Google Cast to your TV
    Scrobbling to Last.fm
    Embedded lyrics
    ID3 tag editing
    Batch creation of playlists
    and much more


I hope you understand my point on this matter. I am going to publish TS AOSPA7 immediately, when I get it finished.

So let’s hope that AOSPA team will release soon the rest of their new codes.

#StayParanoid & #BeSuperluminal