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    I’ve seen a post on xda that has a firmware update based on the miui N beta, its supposed to upgrade your current bootloader to nougat, im just clarifying the steps so that my phone wont suffer another agonizing bootloop, so this is how i understand the steps, please correct me if im wrong.

    Step 1: flash firmware update

    Step 2: boot system

    Step 3: flash a new recovery via adb fastboot

    Is this how its supposed to be done?, my phone is unlocked officially btw.

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    If your phone was unlocked with official method, you can try to flash the EU Nougat ROM first ( then check the bootloader status again via fastboot. It must be still unlocked btw. After that, flash the N recovery then you can flash the other custom ROM with Nougat bootloader.

    I’m not really sure to only flash the “firmware” from that site, ’cause i’m too afraid to facing the bootloop haha. But, i think if you still want to flash that N firmware, you don’t have to reboot the system after flash it. That firmware size is less than 50MB, so after flash it, you can wipe cache/dalvik, and then flash the N Twrp. If the N TWRP flashed sucessfully, you can reboot the device, but reboot it to the recovery again, then flash that custom ROM with Nougat bootloader. If you reboot into the system before flash the custom ROM, maybe you’ll just stuck at Mi Logo *CMIIW :)



    I already flashed it, thanks anyway, got bricked though the first time cuz i updated the firware first without downloading the TWRP and rom, after the firmware update i had to unlock it again, doesnt really matter if you unlocked it officially, it will still get locked after the update but you can easily unlock it again if you already have permission from xiaomi and RR is based on Lineage but its way more smoother.



    Last Official Lineage, from lineage-14.1-20170816, working with both bootloaders.

    Once upgraded TS ROM should solve all issues with Nougat Bootloader.

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