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    This rom is near perfection, for sure it is more enjoyable than the stock one, any (not modified) version! Many thanks! For now, what does not work (apparently) is the part that learns commands from a remote control. I don’t know if it is the rom or the Anymote app (paid version) that does not activate the infrared receiver feature, who knows? (Screenshot provided). Other stuff I use (bluetooth in car and home, wifi, LTE, speakerphone…) works just fine, only a strange thing about fast battery charge, it works only on a side of the usb c port (or usb c plug, idk because I have only the original cable to try), 90 minutes are enough to full battery charge from zero. Other little strange thing, if I switch from the net mode “Global” to “gsm/wcdma auto”, to get data connection I have to swith data off then on. I like this rom so much, as it is now, I don’t ask new features but only to keep it updated with the security patches. Cheers!

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