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    For some reason, after installing cm-13.1-20161220-TS-libra I have noticed somewhat shorter battery life (from two days to one day between recharges), while my phone usage has remained the same. This battery drain may or may not be related to the ROM; I would like to go back to my previous ROM for a moment, for ruling the ROM out. I have cm-13.1-20161231-TS-libra now.

    My question is: Can I downgrade the ROM from cm-13.1-20161231-TS-libra to cm-13.1-20161007-TS-libra by simply flashing the older version?

    (Note: there is also a new baseband in 20161231, while baseband was not included in 20161007.)



    Anyone? Do I break something if I downgrade?



    I tried to downgrade by simply dirty flash and everything is OK.
    Backup important things recommend.



    Ok, thanks, I’ll try it.

    By the way, I found strange behavior of battery metering when the temperature was going down (see the screenshot).

    Note the moment before cutoff: The voltage was above 3.5V, going up and down, while the battery % was going down steadily with temperature. I find this quite strange.

    Furthermore, the eventual cutoff (because of the real voltage drop to ~3.4V) took place at +10C, which is quite high, I’d say. I wonder if the battery is actually dying? The phone is just 8 months old.

    1. Battery_steadily_down_with_T_not_V_just_before_cutoff


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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