6 Most Amazing Augmented Reality (AR) Apps For Learning!

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    Undoubtedly, augmented reality gadgets can serve both students and teachers in numerous ways. This technology provides a hand on opportunity for students to interact with any content in an innovative manner. It not only grabs the attention of every student but also allows them to learn proactively.
    In this post, we are going to share the most popular augmented reality apps revealed by professional dissertation writing service for education purpose. Here are augmented reality apps for learning.

    1. Quiver
    It is a fantastic, easy to use, augmented reality app. Once you download it on your device, then you’ll need to download trigger images from its website. Quiver trigger images will activate the AR experience. It will utilize colorful pages as triggers, to facilitate the users with video shows.
    Moreover, this app will also provide you set of coloring pages that help children learn and fun together. It enables students to learn beyond their textbooks content with 3D stuff.

    2. Google Sky Map
    This is a powerful augmented reality app which makes learning process easy and interesting. Any student can use Google Sky Map to figure out stars by using the camera on your smart phone. You just need to install this app and hold your smart phone up in the right direction of the sky to detect stars.
    Google Sky Map will automatically identify the content which detected by your camera. So you don’t need to confuse between planet, stars and satellites.

    3. FETCH! Lunch Rush!
    FETCH! Lunch Rush is one of the most popular augmented reality app which is best for teaching math to students. This 3d designed app uses your smart phone camera to entertain you with added graphics elements with real-world surroundings.
    Basically, this app teaches primary level students to learn addition and subtraction methods with stimulating visual content. Student can install this app on iPhone, iPod, iPad for free.

    4. GeoGoggle
    GeoGoggle provides a great help when it comes to measuring geography distances of a specific destination. Students can easily learn major geographical measurement elements like latitude and longitude by using GeoGoggle via their smart phones.
    Additionally, this app will allow you to calculate the accurate distance between two points with the help of 3D compass. This augmented reality apps will also provide you a hands on experience of overlay graphics combined with real-world surroundings.

    5. ZooBurst
    It is an attractive augmented reality app which also facilitates elementary level students to learn via visual content. With this superb app, students can be a part of any story. Yes, it will permit you to engage in stories with 3d characters through webcam.
    In addition, you can also double click on any character of the story to learn more about them. ZooBurst also enables students to create attractive presentations to make their learning process easy and interesting.

    6. Acrossair
    Acrossair is a smart augmented reality browser which can be used in the classroom for endless learning. This browser also facilitates users through augmented reality options with the real-world surroundings. It will allow you to find locations near you and also share them with your friends.
    Furthermore, it will enable you to develop interactive classroom projects on any classroom topic. Acrossair also enables students to send tweets as well as check out the latest tweets by people near you with geotagging system.
    In the closing, it could be stated now that the provided information is best for students who’re willing to learn with augmented reality apps.

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