Fisrt BETA AOSPA 7 build out!


AOSPA 7 first release out now!

I have now decided to release AOSPA 7 for Mi4c, even though I thought I would first hold it until the AOSPA team publishes all of their new codes in gihtub. It looks like it can take a long time before they’re ready for release those new features. So here’s a little taste. 😉

In these DEV-builds there are no new features yet.

To use themes, download in the Play Store -> “Substratum”. It works in these days without ROOT.


For now, please don’t bother to ask “How to enable PIE-control, Wheres Theme engine??” etc etc… I’ll let you know in the future changelogs, when those features is added.

Also I don’t recommended to use DT2W for now, because there is no “Pocket lock” feature yet.


Happy flashing and report bugs if you found those.

There are the same bugs for now as LOS14 (camera flash out of sync and device encryption).

  • First BETA released without new AOSPA features

NOTE: Remember install gapps in same time with the rom (if you need/like)

NOTE2: Remember factory reset and format system partition when coming from any other ROM than previous version of TS AOSPA 7