File Size456.23 MB
Create DateMay 14, 2016
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MD5: 66065dfbffd30a9237fc815fd299d5c8

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Older changelogs

  • Use miui GPU blobs
  • Weather providers working
  • Updated ROM extra settings polish translation (maniman303, thx!)
  • Bunch-o-fixes here and there
  • Sync 20160508 stable/cm-13.0-ZNH2K branch

  • Move to stable/cm-13.0-ZNH2K branch
  • New kernel 3.10.96 (based on thune-xiaobai@github, thx!)
  • Added CPU governors to kernel: smartmax, elementalx, alucard, yankactive, concervative
  • Updated ROM extra polish translation (maniman303, thx!)
  • TS performance profiles (loosely based on cowithgun's script, thx!)
  • Fixed led indication during charge (no more pulse)
  • Sync 20160415 stable/cm-13.0-ZNH2K branch
  • Source code released!
  • OTA enabled for next updates



NOTE: Remember install gapps in same time with the rom (if you need/like)

NOTE2: Remember factory reset and format system partition when coming from any other ROM than previous version of TS CM13.1

NOTE: This is CM13.1, if coming from CM13.0 clean install is highly recommended