File Size451.14 MB
Create DateFebruary 18, 2016
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MD5: 5ea8d869904055cc0c66cca1e6075749

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  • System: Fixed system freeze sometimes when starting call
  • Wifi: Fixed Wifi after soft reboot
  • Wifi: Fixed Wifi p2p connections
  • Wifi: Fixed Wifi display cast (miracast)
  • Snapdragon camera: Fixed preview size
  • System Profiles: Add notification light setting
  • Screencast: Fix up audio recording
  • Audio Settings: Remove duplicate charging sounds option
  • Dialer: add call recording feature
  • SystemUI: add volume changing tones
  • Settings: Show ringtone per sim for multi sim device
  • Over 100 other minor changes (see CM gerrit)
  • Sync 20160218 cm13.0 nightly branch

NOTE: Remember install gapps in same time with the rom (if you need/like)

NOTE2: Remember factory reset and format system partition when coming from any other ROM than previous version of TS CM13