Android 7 for LePro3


Hey fellows!

It’s been a while that we’ve published something new for Leeco. Now it’s good time for that.

We decided to move forward to android 7 for Leeco LePro3. Now it’s feels quite stable and decent. Maybe a bit late, but better now than never. 😉


Morphic has done really good job with the rom and here comes the greatest part, it’s SAFETYNET compatible with easy optional root install/unistall.

That means the phone is safteynet compatible without root and incompatible with root ofcourse. 😛

i.e. You can root your phone and install i.e. “Adaway” app (Adaway needs root permissions) and then unistall root and your phone is safetynet compatible again with Adaway advertise blocker.

Simple and easy!


It is not available yet, but soon!

Maybe at end of the week.


So stay tuned!

Here is a few screen from the new rom

Screenshot_20170511-132645 Screenshot_20170511-132648 Screenshot_20170511-132640 Screenshot_20170511-145839 Screenshot_20170511-173646